Beauty Tips 1

Here’s a few beauty tips that I think EVERYONE should know! Let me know if I should do more!

  1. To make your eyes more naturally alert and wide use black mascara on top lashes and brown on bottom
  2. In order to remove product build-up in your hair, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. This also prevents dandruff and other annoying scalp conditions! (I love Superfruit renewal clarifying shampoo by Ouidad)
  3. Massage an ice cube over your face until it melts. Do every night before bed. Supposedly it keeps fat cells, acne, and wrinkles under control but I just started doing this.
  4. For even curlier lashes, heat your lash curler (hairdryer, etc.) for five to eight seconds before curling them.
  5. Drink water! Even if you keep it to only a cup a day, you will see improvement all around.
  6. Before applying nail polish, wipe your nails clean with a cleanser. This will ensure the polish adheres properly.
  7. Prior to putting on nail polish, cool the container in the fridge, it will help with bubbles!
  8. To make yourself look awake, line your inner rims of the lower eyelid with nude eyeliner apposed to white. (It looks more realistic and less funky)
  9. Use conditioner as shaving cream.
  10. Bought two lip colors and aren’t sure about them? Mix them together, it might just be the perfect shade!
  11. Blue based lip colors will make your teeth look lighter. (This is an example of color contoring, I will make a full post about it soon)
  12. Use baby oil with vitamin E in place of makeup remover. Much less expensive and lasts wayyy longer.
  13. Dryer sheets help calm down the vicious humid-day-frizzies.
  14. Instead of shaking a nail polish bottle before use, roll it between your palms. It will end up going on much smoother.
  15. Instead of drying your hair with a towel (major frizz amp.) wring excess water out in the shower and wrap your hair up in a t-shirt.

That’s It! 15 beauty hacks to always keep in mind. A few of these I have never tried but have been told great things of. QOTD: What color are your nails? AOTD: Mine are periwinkle (I love that word, lol)