Hi everyone,

Today, per request, I am doing a post on bullying. I know that a lot of people (including myself) dislike the way bullying is being displayed in the media. It gets annoying to hear the same stop bullying message over and over again. I have been bullied myself and I personally can tell you that they don’t help. Its not as easy as you think to just tell an adult. The people that do this to you are able to make you feel so good and than make you feel like a worthless nothing. I don’t want this to me the typical anti bullying message, I want this to be heard out. People are going to hurt in their lifetime, everyone has their own roller coaster that has its ups and downs. Life is already so hard and to put this extra burden on it is like kicking a puppy. The bully thinks its just a funny little thing but it isn’t. People die from this. They purposely take their lives because they think that what they’re going through is worse than not living. Its an extremely sad thing to think about. Next time you text someone because you’re mad or trip someone in the hallway, remember that they have their own struggles that they go through too.

~Yours Truly

“Life is short, be kind” -unknown