Dance Styles

Hey Everyone! If you know me at all, you know that I am an extreme dancer. I dance most of the week, in a variety of styles. I find it a very fulfilling workout and even though a lot of people don’t consider it a sport, I think it 100% is. These varieties all go from beginner to advanced.

Ballet- Ballet is the most technical style. It is important to practice with proper technique to avoid injury. There are also different varieties of ballet such as Spanish. Ballet flats, leotards (preferably black), and tights are needed.

Pointe- Point is the ballet where you actually go up on your toes. You must have strong ankles and feet, as you’re holding all your weight on them. Immense experience in ballet is required. You will most likely have to pass a test to go en pointe. Pointe shoes, toe pads/gels, leotards, and tights are needed.

Lyrical- Lyrical is a fluid, graceful style. It is very deep and as the name describe, follows the lyrics in the songs used. Light, movement allowing clothes, and toe thongs (optional, but very helpful) and needed.

Modern- Modern is a style that is a faster, less technical version of lyrical. Great for beginner dancers. Same things needed as lyrical.

Contemporary- Contemporary is a style that mixes lyrical and modern. It is usually for more advanced dancers. Same things needed as lyrical and modern.

Jazz- Jazz is a spunky, fast, and fun dance. It is very popular and good for beginners. Jazz shoes and easy movement clothes are needed.

Hip-Hop- Hip-hop is a fast-paced, loose style. It can come in many forms such as street and pop&lock. What’s needed for a class is determined by the instructor.

Tap- Tap is a style that uses the noises made from tap shoes to go with the beat of music. Tap shoes and movable clothes are needed.

I love dance, it has so many great benefits. If you are considering beginning dance, you can always look on YouTube or go to your local studio’s website to find out more about it! Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my passion with you! QOTD: Which of these seem most interesting to you? AOTD: I love ballet so I would have to say that but I’ve always wanted to do tap!