Dollar Store Gift Baskets (DIY)

Hey Everyone! Since holiday season is right around the corner, for today’s DIY post I thought it would be perfect to do some simple, under $10 gift baskets. These are great for birthdays and you can of course add or subtract anything from them.

Spa Basket- loofah, bath bombs (homemade or bought), shower cap, hair towel, peaceful music CD (nature sounds, classical music, etc.), bath salts (homemade or bought), bath pillow, basket (I thought pink went well)

Facial Basket- massager, facial towel set of 3, facial sponge, headband, gel eye mask, 3-in-1 cotton set, tea mug (who doesn’t want some relaxing tea during a facial?), oil warmer, basket (I liked blue)

Pedicure/ Feet Basket- massager, bath bomb,foot soak, moisturizing socks, pedicure set, natural glycerine soap, candle, Christmas fuzzy socks (or any holiday soon), basket (I liked green or purple)

Family Christmas Season Basket- popcorn, pop corn bucket, cupcake mix, hot chocolate mug, candies (peppermint flavor?), Christmas movie DVD/ DVD set, Christmas carol CD, Christmas trivia game

Kitchen Basket- (Try to have a theme with this one. Birthday, Christmas, picnic, etc.) two theme plates, soup bowel, matching theme hand towel, oven mitts or set of potholders, theme napkins, mug, magnetic shopping list

Birthday Basket- (this one might run over $10 depending on the things you chose to put in) gift card (iTunes), candy, lip gloss/ balm, body scent, lotion, hair ties, nail polish

I really liked making this post, it was super fun coming up with ideas for it! These are such easy last minute gifts (I always forget to get people gifts lol). Anyways, hope you liked this post! QOTD: Have you ever gotten a professional pedicure? AOTD: Yess they fee so good!