Morning Routine

Hi Everyone,

This is just my morning routine, its kinda massive and usually takes 30-40 minutes. I get up at 5:45 on the dot. First I do my Proactiv + acne treatment and brush my teeth in the bathroom. Next I get dressed. Than I do my hair and this can take quite a while when your hair doesn’t like to work with you, like mine.Than I do my makeup which consists of foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lip balm, and concealer. Next I do jewelery which is usually just earrings (Its a pain because I have 2 holes per ear). I am also kinda a germ freak so I always put on hand sanitizer sometime during this process. I also moisturize! Next I put on finishing touches like taming fly-aways and fixing any makeup smudges. As I leave my room I grab my shoes, backpack, phone, and EOS. I than make myself breakfast of either eggs or waffles with yoghurt. I also make my lunch at this time. I go out to the bus stop at 6:38 and the bus comes at 6:45ish.

Do ya guys like these types of posts? Feedback please!!! I didn’t go to school today, still feeling under the weather. I am going tomorrow, if you could see the amount of makeup work I have, its unimaginable.

QOTP- What time do you get up in the morning?

AOTP- 5:45AM

~Yours Truly