Hey Everyone!

Today’s random Sunday topic is… Oktoberfest? Yep, the traditional German festival. Now, I am slightly German but not enough to really sport the lederhosen and yodel. Heck, I didn’t even know Oktoberfest existed until we did a lesson on it in German class. If you don’t know what Oktoberfest is, it’s a German beer festival held for about 16 days starting mid-September and ending in October. I am not quite old enough to drink (actually not close at all) but I still wanted to know what it was like. Yesterday, my good friend Julia invited me to her neighborhood’s take on Oktoberfest. I’d gone a few years ago with her, but I was too young to understand the meaning of it all. Yesterday was also extremely rainy. To put it in perspective, it hadn’t rained in 2.5 weeks. We also live in Maryland, which is about a world away from Germany. Anyways, her neighborhood is very tightly woven, everyone knows everyone. Their Oktoberfest is like their yearly block-party, except more alcohol and less suburban-mom. Also, because their fest is not die-hard, it lasts a day opposed to 16 days.  The fest started at about 1 (rain made for a rough takeoff). Food selection was somewhat odd. There were hot dogs, bratwurst, notwurst (vegan). and oysters. I am not sue if oysters are a German thing, but I don’t know 100%. There were also a bunch of homemade side dishes, and of course a LOT of alcohol. There was a live band but they couldn’t perform due to the risk of electrocution, which I completely understand. Otherwise, the place was totally hopping. There was a trampoline we all were abusing (I think there were 8 teenagers on there at one time). Julia also lives right across the street from where it was at so when the rain would start to pick up, we would just chill at her house. At about 8, the rain finally started to clear up. They started up a HUGE bonfire and everyone who was sleeping over set up their tents. The whole day I was rocking super cute rain boots and a cute sweatshirt. We stayed out until about 10 and then went back to the house. The people who were drunk were getting a little bit out of hand. Overall, Oktoberfest was awesome and if you have the opportunity to go, ou totally should! QOTD: Do you like oysters, clams, etc.? AOTD: No!!!