New Start

Hello Everyone! If you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in almost a year. I have been Extremely busy and am finally ready to settle down and start GirlySweet up again. I need your help though. I love writing but I simply have nothing to write about! I’m not going to daily updates anymore as well, in return I will… Read more →

New in 2015…

Hi everyone! First off, happy new year! Congrats on making it through 2014 without going crazy! I’m very excited to spend it with all of you! The population of our blog has grown oh so much and id like to say welcome to all the new users! Okay so, I challenge you to something in the new year. To write… Read more →

Sorry- Updates

Hey everyone, I would like to start off saying that i am EXTREMELY sorry for no posts- I have been crazy busy and just had no free time! I have been using my time much better and hopefully I will be able to post much more now. Otherwise- how have you all been? I want to get to know my… Read more →

Morning Routine

Hi Everyone, This is just my morning routine, its kinda massive and usually takes 30-40 minutes. I get up at 5:45 on the dot. First I do my Proactiv + acne treatment and brush my teeth in the bathroom. Next I get dressed. Than I do my hair and this can take quite a while when your hair doesn’t like… Read more →


Hi everyone, I would like to start out with a sorry, no posts for 5 days?! My first week of school as been pretty crazy. Also I managed to catch some cold or something. So i am writing to you all from my bedroom during a Bethany Mota marathon. Since school has officially started, I am going to be posting… Read more →

DU August 21-23, 2014

Hi everyone, Sorry¬†about the lack of post for the last two days, I have been super busy but I plan to post more today. Wednesday– Today I had open house, where I went to my school to meet my teachers. My social studies teacher and my math teacher both seem really mean, which I’m kinda unhappy about. But my science… Read more →

DU August 20th, 2014

Hey everyone, Today was really a fun day. I got up early to clean my room, It might sound weird but cleaning your room can actually be fun some of the time. Than 2 of my friends and I, as well as my sister and her friend went to Skyzone. If you don’t know what that is, its an indoor… Read more →


Hi everyone, Today, per request, I am doing a post on bullying. I know that a lot of people (including myself) dislike the way bullying is being displayed in the media. It gets annoying to hear the same stop bullying message over and over again. I have been bullied myself and I personally can tell you that they don’t help.… Read more →

DU August 18th, 2014

Hey everyone, Today was a pretty lazy day. I made the PB&J bars and let me just say so myself, they were absolutely AMAZING!!! They turned out great! I didn’t have enough PB or flour but I substituted the bit of flour I didn’t have for half the amount in cornstarch. Also, the batter was just fine without the the… Read more →

Join The Fun

Hi Everyone, We have been experiencing a little bit of a rough start with you guys being able to be added to the website as members. We just got it working and are keeping fingers crossed that we don’t run into anymore problems. If you choose to make an account (which we hope you do) you can comment on our… Read more →