PLL Workout

Hey! So for our very first fitness post I thought that a little workout to do while watching Pretty Little Liars would be pretty cool. I love this show so much! This workout also keeps you off the couch while watching a day-long PLL marathon.

Everytime a girl cries- 20 jumping jacks

A is mentioned- 5 burpees

Makeout session- 5 push-ups

Ali is mentioned- 10 curl-ups

Mysterious camera angle- 10 mountain climbers

Someone tell a lie- 10 squats

Music is playing- 10 crunches

like I said, hopefully this will keep us from being lazy bums during out marathons:) And can we talk about the mid-season finale?! OMG! QOTD: Whats your favorite show? AOTD: Pretty Little Liars obviously!