Hi everyone,

I would like to start out with a sorry, no posts for 5 days?! My first week of school as been pretty crazy. Also I managed to catch some cold or something. So i am writing to you all from my bedroom during a Bethany Mota marathon. Since school has officially started, I am going to be posting a little bit less, but I am going to try to post at an average of once a day. I am just going to go through my schedule. I get up in the morning at 5:45 and the bus comes at 6:45. I get to school at approx. 7:10. From there I go to homeroom is my science class. Than I go to History with Ms.G. Each class is 45 minutes and there is a 4 minute locker break. Next I have English with Ms.K. After that my class changes depending on the day. I either have Orchestra with Mr.H or Gym with Ms.W. Than I have Biology with Ms.E. During Biology we go to lunch. I think lunch is 45 minutes. After that I have Algebra with Mr.B. Period 6 is kind of different. It changes every 11 days. So right now I have Pd.6 in graphing with Ms.B. My last period changes quarterly and this quarter I have Health with Ms.E. Since we have almost 500 kids between 3 grades, we have 2 dismissals. Which dismissal depends on if you turn left or right out of the school when your bus leaves the school. We also share buses with the high school so that’s even more kids. I am second dismissal so I wait in my Pd.7 class for 15 minutes for the bell. We are dismissed at 2:15 and I get home at about 3:00. This can give you a basic idea of when my posting is going to be. Keep in mind that soccer is on Wednesdays from 6-8 and I haven’t started dance yet. I’m going to try to post two more times today but until then,

~Yours Truly