September Theme

Hey Everyone! So, for the rest of this month (September 2015) the theme will be… FALL! I know that’s kind of basic, but I thought it would be a good transition into the groove of this blog! Anyways, for the first September theme post I am writing about my fall favorites. This list literally covers everything from makeup to scents, haha. So without further adieu, lets get started!

Makeup- darker brown, wine, mauve, maroon, and purple eye shadows (looks great smokey), same colors in lipstick (darker doesn’t look too great on my lips but some people can really rock it), heavy contours also! Everything gets bolder in fall!

Hair- braids are always a fall trend (of course with flannel!) but spice it up by going with a frenchie or dutch braid. Also dust off your messy bun skills!

Clothes- Bulky scarves are always a staple in fall. Also keep following the colors listed above. Don’t forget your boots too! My absolute FAVORITE boots are from HotCakes, I have 3 pairs and I love them!

Scents- My favorite scents for fall are pumpkin (duh), chocolate/cocoa, roasted marshmallow, warm vanilla, basically anything that promotes that warm and fuzzy feeling of fall.

Other- I usually get a really bad allergy-like thing going on in my throat during fall so I always have a little baggie of cough drops on me

Ahhh I love fall. I probably forgot a few things but these are the must-haves, at least for me:) QOTD: What’s your favorite season? AOTD: Fall obviously!