Things to know before you get acrylic nails

Hey Everyone! As you can see, today’s post is on things you should know before getting acrylic nails. I got acrylic nails last January, took them off for the summer, and just recently got them redone. I think there are quite a few important things you should know if you are thinking about getting acrylics.

They are a huge time commitment. One fill can take 45 minutes (you get fills every 2 weeks) and if there’s a wait at the nail salon, it could be way longer

They are also a big money commitment. The fills are usually $15  but depending on if you’ve broken any nails or want to get extra designs, they can get pricey fast.

It gets very hard to do a lot of usually normal things. Things such as texting, writing, typing, and many others have to be altered to accommodate your new talons. It also makes playing instruments much more difficult.

They can hurt. During the process of getting them put on, it’s quite possible that while they are drilling down your nail, you could get nicked, and it hurts when that happens. It also hurts if you accidentally hit your nail on something.

When they come off, your natural nails look and feel hideous. Your nails are so thin and fragile. They will most likely ache for a day or two after.

Finally, you become really self-conscious of your nails. You want them to always look pristine and shiny. It gets tiring at some times.

I hope you guys learned something from this post! Even though these point-out’s seem kind of negative, I love my acrylics and I think they were a good investment for me. QOTD: What color are your nails? AOTD: This super-cute shiny purple.